Polar Habitat Pack and FREEBIE

It's January...which means it's Polar Habitat time! 
Today I'm going to show you what's included in my winter top-seller Polar Habitat Pack. You'll find everything you need...and more...to supplement your Polar Animals theme. This non-fiction pack includes more than 200 pages of activities. It was made with PreK-2nd in mind. Most of the activities can be as easy or as hard as you want them to be.

Set of 3 Differentiated Emergent Readers
(With Corresponding Class Books)
Each book is 15 pages long. There are 3 different levels to choose from.
Easy - "The penguin lives in the polar habitat."
Medium -"The penguin spends most of its time in the water hunting for food."
Hard - "The penguin spends most of its time in the water hunting for food. It is not able to fly, even though it has wings."
There are also colorful, matching class books for each level. You can laminate and bind them or even just hang them around the classroom to use as 'facts posters'. 

Vocabulary Posters & Pocket Chart Pieces
Here is a list of the Polar animals/objects that are included in these posters and pocket chart pieces:
...ice floe, (blue) whale, seal, penguin, walrus, puffin, snow goose, moose, Arctic fox, Arctic hare, snowy owl, polar bear, igloo, Eskimo & Inuit (You can choose which term is used in your location. I recognize that in some areas, "Eskimo" is considered derogatory and yet in others it is the acceptable term, so I've included both.)

Write the Room {Polar Hunt} Activity
This Write-the-Room comes with colorful animal/object pieces that you can hide around the room! Send your kids hunting for Polar themed animals/objects and then have them write the ones they find.

Polar Flip Book
Color, cut, & glue various Polar themed animals/objects to create a Flip Book. A great activity to practice fluency!

Polar Organizers & Fact Sheets
These organizers and fact sheets are perfect for individual research projects. All of the animals/objects listed above are included. Once they are completed, you can laminated and bind them to make a class book! 

Labeling (Writing or Cut/Paste) Sheets
You can choose if you want your littles to cute and paste the words into the blanks...or have them write the words. There's plenty of room to do either way. 

Polar Head Bands
Simply color, cut out, and glue onto a sentence strip to make the perfect Polar Animal Head Band. A perfect 'costume' pieces for students to wear after completing their individual animal report. You can have them wear it while they stand in front of the class and tell facts about the animal they researched! 

You may have seen that I blogged the other day about this Polar Color-by-Number FREEBIE. It's part of my Polar Habitat Pack too! 

Well, I hope these Polar themed activities make implementing your theme a breeze! Thanks for stopping by!

-Til next time

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