I'm a full time working wife and mom of four
currently teaching Kindergarten.

Happily married to a wonderful High School Spanish teacher!

Hold tight! Here are my little tornadoes (my oldest being five)!
After dropping off the kids in the morning, I get about six minutes to myself before I arrive at work. 
Here's what makes that 6 minutes heaven:
 Starbucks Bacon Gouda breakfast sandwich with a caramel latte....
A diet coke in a Styrofoam cup!
(To keep it from leaking all over my desk!)
I have one year of Kindergarten under my belt. Previous to kindergarten, I taught fifth grade for 4 years, and before that, 3rd grade for 3 years. I loved all of the grades I taught, but I do feel teaching Kindergarten has helped me relate more to my own kids at home!
I also ENJOY making activities for my class. My students are a lot of fun!

In Nov, 2012, I started selling my activities on Teachers Pay Teachers. That is a lot of fun too! 
Check out my TPT store HERE!
It's become a HUGE part of me and has inspired me to be a more resourceful teacher!
My life outside of school makes me think of a computer game I used to play!
(Before having kids, because there is no way it'd be any fun now!)
Have you seen it? Played it?
 Basically, all you do the whole game is run around the house cleaning up after sloppy kids! 
Yeah, that pretty much sums up my home life! Except...
I don't have a nice, big house in Hollywood! 
A quite small one actually!
W H E N...
I do get down time....
I like to play games from Big Fish Games. 
It drives my hubby crazy, because I clutter the computer with games. 
They are all on a separate computer now!... 
Most of them, anyway!
If I'm not playing a game, then I'm reading one of Ted Dekker's books. 
I am absolutely in love with his books and dream of getting to meet him someday. 
Don't ask what I'll say when this day finally happens...because I'll probably just stand there with my jaw dropped staring at him like a weirdo!
Well, there you have it! Me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy this blog. 
May it be an inspiration to you as others have been to me! 
love hearing from you, so contact me any time!

Til next time~
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