They are here!

I have been waiting for 8 business days to get this package, lol! 
Want to see what's inside? Take a peek...

What is this you ask? 
Why, it's my newest line of teacher resources!

I am so incredibly excited to announce 
(drum roll please!)...
my Story Telling Magnet Sets!

I am starting this new product out small, 
with just one theme of Cinderella. 

But don't worry, I already have other themes 
made and ready to go...I'm just waiting a bit longer to release them.

Where did this idea come from you might ask?
I'm not sure really! 

I was sitting around adoring my favorite Melonheadz graphics when I starting thinking about how cute they would be to play with on the fridge. 

Next thing I knew, I was daydreaming about how much fun my own kids would have building magnetic scenes...if only there was a way to do this.  Then, (since I am a teacher you know!) 
I started brainstorming ways that I could tie an activity like that into my own classroom. 

Before long, I was on the computer...
making, creating, researching, and ordering! 

Fancy up a cover page and now here they are...
 all ready for your own kids or students to enjoy!
 Check it out here!

And the best part about it is that I paired it with my Cinderella themed bundle of math & literacy activities. You can get it all! Something to download now, and something to receive in the mail later...simple as that!

Purchase of this magnetic set includes the themed magnets, a corresponding sentence recording activity, and 10 math/literacy activities to download. 

It's 170+ pages for your kiddos to enjoy!

Let me also mention, these magnets are WATERPROOF
Yup, thought that out ahead of time...
Snotty nose? No problem! 
Spilled drink? Easy to wipe off!
The Cinderella graphics are full vivid color on a smooth, waterproof, vinyl magnet. 
You can use them on your refrigerator, magnetic whiteboard, cookie sheets, filing cabinet, or any other magnetic surface. 
Once your kids are done building a scene, have them practice building sentences with the 48 included magnetic words. Capitalized words and punctuation marks are also included. 
After creating a few sentences they like, they can record it on the corresponding activity sheet. 

Use these for story re-telling, sequencing, verbal communication, visual literacy, narration, and more! Perfect for your Cinderella or fairy tale themed literacy centers.

Become a follower to watch for more magnetic sentence building themes to come in the near future!

~Til next time

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