Cinderella, Cinderella

Cinderelly, Cinderelly
Night and day it's Cinderelly

"Make the fire, fix the breakfast
Wash the dishes, do the mopping!"
I'm a Classic Disney Addict. Lifelong addiction. After gathering empirical evidence, it's proven to be genetic. My children are carriers as well as other members, present and past, generations. WARNING: watching this video could cause Happiness.SIDE EFFECTS: laughter, smiles, family time and pee-your-pants-if-your-40ish....
Didn't you just love that song as a kid?
...well, perhaps not, if you're a guy reading this!

And now you're probably still singing it! Ha!

Last week our theme was 

and the kids had a blast.

We read various versions of the story.

I even found various multi-cultural versions of this fairy tale...

Kid World Citizen has a lot of tips and helps for what you can do with these various versions in your classroom. 

And you can find most of these on Amazon.

Want to teach your students about perspective
Here is a great story for that! Everyone always thinks 
Cinderella is so kind and sweet, but....

Look inside this book on Amazon!

And don't forget about the mice in Cinderella!

We tied in the mice with our color words practice. 
First, we read Mouse Paint, by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Look inside this book on Amazon.

I found squeaky-cute activity sheets to go with this book on 
First Grade...a la carte's blog.
Check out her blog here.

One of our centers used her mouse coloring activity sheet. 
It's absolutely free!

Students read the color inside of the mouse to see which crayon to use.

Download these activity sheets for your class.

Once students finished, they were able to use Play-doh 
to experiment with color mixing. 

I gave them each two small balls of play-doh. 
First they colored the circles on their sheet to show what colors they had, 
and then they mixed the play-doh to see what new color they would make. 

They filled in the last circle with the new color that was made.

You can have the Play-doh color mixing sheet I made for FREE.
Click here to download it.

At our book box center, we practiced reading the sight words 
"can" and "the
in our Cinderella Who Can You See? book.

 You can find this emergent reader in my store.


Don't forget to spend some time focusing on Prince Charming!

Have I ever shown you a picture of MY Prince Charming?

Sorry ladies! I stole the best one out there ;)

Thanks for always doing dishes, babe! 

Take some time to go over manners as you talk about characteristics of Prince Charming. There are so many resources that you can tie into this topic. 

Here's one of my favorites that I've posted about before:

You can even compare and contrast with behaviors seen in the following book:

Practice your syllable counting with these 
Cinderella Syllable Sorting cards that can go 
inside of your plastic sleeves. Or you can staple a baggie on the bottom 
of them. They come with 45 picture/word cards that can be sorted. 
Students look at the picture or read the word, clap and count how 
many syllables, and place it on the correct mat.

 Interested in this activity? Find it here.

Need Cinderella-y decorations for your classroom? 
Use these Cinderella themed Posters (made with Melonheadz clipart) with corresponding writing activity. 

Hang these posters up around your room during your Cinderella unit. 
There are two corresponding writing activity sheets that go with them so that students can practice writing words as well. 
Use this in any way you want! 

Students can walk around the room, find the pictures, and write the words on their sheet.

After using the writing activity, leave the posters up to decorate!

I had a hard time finding an easy Cinderella themed craft. 
I wanted something that boys would be interested in too...
Something not too complicated for Kindergarten. 

Here is what I finally found from The Celebration Shoppe:

Perfect! Meets a boy's interest AND it's the perfect intro into fall!

First pre-cut orange strips. (Approx. 1 1/2 in. wide)
Use short strips for shorter pumpkins, long strips for long ones.
Then cut out some green leave and cut brown pipe cleaners in half.

Have them count out and stack six strips together. Poke a brad through the top for them. Have them fan it out and then attach the bottom with a brad as well. Then let them go to town adding curly brown vines and leaves to the top.



Want them more round? Simply use shorter orange strips of paper.

To add a little pizzazz...
purchase the foam pumpkins from Target's fall/Halloween section. 
You can get 36 for only $5!

Write the names of your student in the middle with a Sharpie and then add a glittery border around it for some fall sparkle. Display them in an AB pattern in your classroom to reinforce your pattern teaching!

Perfect pumpkins!
Speaking of pumpkins...

You probably don't know this about me-but I am a pumpkin-lovin' kind of girl. 
Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pie...
You name it pumpkin, and I'm there eating it!

So while I'm off searching for the closest Starbucks for my happily, ever after...

You can check out my Cinderella bundle to find 
additional activities that were not shown. 

~Til next time~
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  1. Hi Bek,

    You sure did have a fun-filled week with your Cinderella theme!!!!!
    Did you use coloring in the play dough, so that when they're mixed, you will get a different color?

    Take care and have a wonderful day.

  2. No, it's just regular Play-doh! I'm always saying "Don't mix the Play-doh!" so they were really excited to break the rule for a special center.


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