These Christmas Bible nativity activities for kids include crafts, readers, Bible stories, lesson plans for teachers, posters, games, songs, & more!
I'm very excited to introduce the newest unit that has been added to my Bible Curriculum for Toddlers, Pre-K, & Kinders

"God's Gift" is a Christmas unit mapped out especially for your choice of Toddlers, Pre-K, or Kindergarten kiddos. It includes FIVE easy to follow, 60-90 minute lesson plans that were made with Sunday School in mind, but are also a perfect fit for church curriculum, Sunday School teachers, Homeschool Parents, Christian parents, and Christian school teachers. 

---Update: An additional 6th BONUS LESSON has been added!---

The unit includes a Big Truth: God's Gift Is Jesus and Bible Verse: 1 John 4:10 "God...loved us and sent his son." that are reiterated throughout all of the lessons in the unit. Colorful posters of the Big Truth and Bible Verse for your classroom are available to print.

The lessons included each have their own unique mini-truth while also reiterating the Big Truth of the unit that God's Gift Is Jesus. The lessons are as follows:

(Update: An additional 6th BONUS LESSON: SIMEON SEES JESUS has been added!) 

Each lesson included can each be used for a 60-90 minute class time, depending on which activities you choose to use. This allows for an easy stopping point if class time is running short or long. Easy-to-follow teacher directions are available so that you can simply print and hand to whoever is teaching the class! 

Also included in the unit are TONS of activity sheets, craftivities, class & student books, games, song & song poster, Big Truth & Bible Verse posters, teacher instructions & more...

One of my personal favorite activities in the unit is letting the kiddos break apart uncooked spaghetti noodles, match the sizes to the pieces of hay in the picture, and glueing them on. There is something very therapeutic and stress relieving about breaking uncooked spaghetti! 

Much prayer was spent before making each Bible lesson in the unit. My goal with all of my Bible curriculum is to retell the Bible stories in a way that helps little learners understand God's Word while also meeting them where they're at and building their skills. My prayer was that God would help me simplify each story for these younger loves, without taking away from it. 

The following student stories/emergent readers (plus full sized corresponding colorful class books) use easy-to-read text and are packed full of sight words! Kids will LOVE having their very own kid-friendly version of the stories to take home with them after the lesson each week. They are a great way to get parents and siblings engaged in the stories the kids are learning in your class. Hopefully, they will re-read (or help their little learner read) the emergent readers at home!

I have truly enjoyed creating every unit that is added to my Bible curriculum and hope that you and your littles are blessed by it as well! 

Here are the links for purchasing:

You can save a lot of money by purchasing all of the units in a bundle rather than separately:
 Bible Curriculum Bundle for Toddlers, Pre-K, & Kinders

OR purchase this Christmas unit separately:
"God's Gift" Christmas Bible Unit

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These Christmas Bible nativity activities for kids include crafts, readers, Bible stories, lesson plans for teachers, posters, games, songs, & more!

Thanks for letting me share these activities with you! I hope your littles love and enjoy them. I also hope they make your teacher life & prep just a tad bit easier!

Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your family!

-Til next time
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