Batty Batty Bat Bat

Every time I think of bats,
I think of an old Sesame Street clip
that had the Count singing
about bats.
Know which one I'm talking about?
Ha! And now YOU are going to be singing it for the rest of the day!

Here are some Bat related activities for you littles this week. Use them in the classroom, or send them home for them to enjoy on Saturday (Halloween) morning.
This set of emergent readers... 
...includes 3 different levels so that you can differentiate with your littles.
Check out some of the pages included in this resource:

If you're wanting some quick, simple crafts to do, here are two that don't require too many extra supplies. They are quick and easy for a last minute center or party idea.
My kids had a blast putting these together and hanging them around the room.

If you're looking for a quick break to clean up from a craft or center time, put on this quick informational video about bats. I know it says Discovery Girls...but if you don't mention it, I guarantee your boys will be so interested that they won't even notice...or mind! 

The next activity is a FREEBIE and includes five sample sheets of a larger resource. The reason I'm adding it in with bat resources is that some of the pages have bat graphics on them. 
So you can be reviewing various math and reading concepts, while still sticking to your bats theme!

These are some of my favorite fictional books about bats.
There are some great resources that go with the Swallowing Bat Lady story. I posted about them a few Halloweens agos. You can read about it here. There are some additional bat crafts, snacks, and activities on that post as well!

Til next time,

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