These are a few of my Favorite Things

My oldest daughter (6 years) was recently introduced to The Sound of Music.
Sometimes I catch her singing tunes or talking about various scenes in the movie.
Well, I decided to share a few of MY favorite things...
for the classroom that is.

And no...I will not be twirling around,
dancing on hills as I share!
(get image out of head...get image out of head...)
My Favorite Brain Breaks:

Koo Koo Kangaroo Songs

My class loves to dance and sing 
to the No Crust song
Dinosaur Stomp is another favorite of ours.
And there are so many more too!

My Favorite Books

Mo Willems books for sure!
Check out his website too if you haven't already.

We also love to watch this version of
The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
on YouTube.

My Favorite Classroom Games

Candy Land-Sight Word Edition!
 (found this on Pinterest)
Break the Ice Articulation Game
from Busy Bee Speech
Really, you could do sight words on the
Break the Ice cubes also...
or letters/numbers and make matching cards that students have to draw from a pile in order to see which cube of ice they have to knock out.

My Favorite Supplies

I love the Busy Mama Recipes that
Crystal Underwood, author and creator of
Growing a Jeweled Rose gives on her blog.

You can find recipes for peppermint play-doh, pumpkin scented paint, and more!

They smell so good that ya just want to EAT them! ;)
My Favorite Classroom Music

Why, Frozen soundtrack, of course!
What else would we listen to during free time with
all this snow?!

Isn't there some kind of song about
snow going away?
So over it!

~Til next time

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