2013 Guide to Staying Sane during the Holidays

This year, our house is all about shaking up tradition
and creating a stress-free holiday season.

I have found some great tips on how to stay sane 
during this time of the year that I am dying to share.

The first tip comes from the Dec. 2003 issue 
of O Magazine. 

Lesley Dorman suggests to...
1) Check your Perfectionism at the Door!

As teachers, we have double the planning...

-Do I have all the food prepared for the family dinner?
-What snacks do I need for my class?
-Who do I still need to shop for?
-What craft should my students make for their families?
-What should I use as table decorations this year?
-Did I remember to send home the party 
supplies request list?
For every list we make in our heads for our home life, 
there is a matching point that takes us back to 
planning for our classroom.

Well I have some relieving news for you...
it all doesn't have to be perfect!

"Reassess, and set your priorities. 
Holiday stress sets in when you try to do it all. 
Tell yourself, "If I have time, I'll do this and that. 
If not, I'll only do that."

Thanks, Oprah! You always have such great advice!
2) Simplify!

Simple does not mean plain or boring.
In fact, simple can be the most beautiful at times.
Especially if it brings peace of mind!
Keep decorations quick and easy-like this one, 
suggested by Lauren Conrad.
This would also make great take-home 
gift after your party!

Need more? Here are 15 must-know tricks
Martha Stewart gives for simplifying your season.

Now don't panic when you read the next one,
but venture out and...
3) Break Tradition!

If you find that you have more traditions
than time to reasonably complete them...
then it's time to think change!
Pick a couple of simple traditions that
are really important to you and keep those.

Or break tradition altogether and do 
something very different from your norm.

This year, my family is breaking free and
 going to the zoo on Christmas Day.
The kids are super excited about 
our new holiday plan and I know we will definitely make some new favorite holiday memories.
4) Try this Stress-Relieving Recipe!

Here is a recipe that will ease your stress for a day...
You try it first and get back to me 
on if it works or not, lol!
5) Take some time out for you!

Pick some of your favorite things to do and 
make the time to do them.

Like baths? Take one!

Enjoy long walks in the snow? Go for one!

Got a book you've been waiting to read? Get started!

6) Take time out to reflect!

Don't forget why you are celebrating.

For me, it means taking a step back...

finding a cozy place by the tree...

and remembering what makes 
Christmas so special to me...

~Merry Christmas!
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