There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bat

Everyone knows and loves the 
story of the old lady who swallowed a fly...

...did we ever figure out WHY she swallowed that fly?

Well by now, you probably have seen the 
different variations of this story by Lucille Colandro:

 There's even a STICKER BOOK!
(Which is totally on my list of things to buy!)

Well...the old lady is at it again...
This time, eating BATS

How many things can this chick eat?! 

This story is a great one to add to 
your Nocturnal Animals unit, 
and it ties in nicely with end of the 
month October classroom activities.

Start off the week by introducing them to some 
vocabulary words that go along with the story. 

Here are two different types of pocket chart
vocabulary cards that 
you can use to introduce the words 
and later on, to practice sequencing with.

Use these vocabulary posters reinforce the words 
that go with the story. 

There is a corresponding writing activity that you can use with it later on once they are more familiar with the words.

 All you need to do, is hang the posters up around the room in various "hidden" locations, give the students a clipboard and pencil, and let them wander around finding the posters. Once they find them, have them write that word down, using the poster as a reference for spelling.

These posters are also a great reference for the following vocab 

 Students can look at the posters to see how to 
rebuild the story's vocabulary words.

Or if you want a similar activity to use at one of your centers, 
you can use these colorful build-a-word activity mats:

All you need to do is laminate them for extra durability, and cut out the alphabet pieces needed to build the word.

Once you feel your kids are ready to complete some 
sequencing activities on their own, there are two versions of
 two different activities that you can choose from. 

The first activity sequencing activity lets the Old Lady 
"eat" her objects one-by-one! 


With both a black and white and a colorful option, 
you have the ability to practice sequencing as a whole group 
or at a center and individually to take home as well.

The next activity, sequencing mats, involves 
cutting and pasting (if you use the black/white option) 
or simply placing object cards in the correct order on the activity mat.

 Now that they've had lots of practice with vocabulary and sequencing
-it's time to read!

Students will LOVE their very own Kindergarten 
There was an Old Lady... book. 

There are two books in this download. 

The first is 11 pages long and practices the words "this", "is", and "a".
The second book is 10 pages long and practices the 
words "she", "ate", and "a".

 You can find these two emergent readers here!

Want all that you have seen so far?
Here is a bundle with all of the activities in one!

 Don't forget craft time throughout the week! 
I found a fun bat hat...

You can find directional pictures, 
as well as sample of others that have been decorated at...

A few other quick and easy bat crafts I found off of Pinterest were:

This bat hand print picture with 
foam stars and moon. 

I think this would look cuter on a dark blue paper. 
Slap on some small googly eyes and call it done!

Here is an easy paper plate one. 
You can buy black paper plates at Party City...
...or have the kids paint it if you feel brave!

Here's a picture of quick instructions on 
how to make it...
 Looking for corresponding snacks to add 
some pizzazz to 
your theme?

Check out this fun, cheap snack idea from 

Or what about these? 
They would still be very cute plain with no faces on them.

Read Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon to them while they munch!

"Stellaluna has been charming picture-book readers for years with its moving 
tale of a lost little bat who learns a big lesson about friendship." ~Amazon

Or watch the short video of the book.

Want a longer version?
Here's the movie, presented by Scholastic.

Once their tummies are full, 
you can fly on into nocturnal animals with this neat song.

I'll save all of the ideas and activities that you can do 
with nocturnal animals for a different time! 

You've got enough to plan out for now...

~Til next time
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