Bible Time: The Lost Coin Parable Emergent Reader

Not too long ago, I started a Bible emergent readers series. I was wanting a variety of Old and New Testament stories that could be simplified for a Kindergarten student to be able to read and understand. 

Much prayer was spent before making each Bible reader. My goal was to retell the Bible stories in a way that helps emerging readers understand God's Word while also meeting them where they're at and building their reading skills. My prayer was that God would help me simplify each story for these younger loves, without taking away from it. 

The Lost Coin is one of the parable stories that I created! I'm super excited to share it with you. Here is a pic of the cover of this emergent reader. I asked my 7th grade daughter to color sample pages of the book for me to post. She kept writing and re-writing my name as the 'Reader' trying to make it look like an adult had written it, ha! 
I have created many Bible emergent readers that tell the story of various parables Jesus told. The ones that tell a parables all start out with "Jesus told some people a story." 
Each page crams as many sight words as possible into the sentences, while also trying to keep them as short and simple as possible. Students are also introduced to quotation marks. Since it's Jesus telling the story, the kids only have to focus on one character voice when reading them! 
This next page throws a little sneaky counting and number practice in! Shhh...don't tell!

Large, simple pictures help keep a little reader's focus on the text as they read. 

This particular emergent reader has 11 pages to it. You can shorten it by easily omitting 3-4 of the pages if you feel it is too long for your specific child's needs.
You could even go as far as turning this book into a mini play activity by having students pair up and take turns being the Narrater while the other acts out the story as it's read.
It's not always easy to choose what sentence go into my Bible readers. Bible stories, and even just the words/names alone, can sometimes be difficult to put into a book for new readers. As you read, and use these books with your students, if you come across wording or parts of the story that you feel might need a little more attention, please know that I would love for you to reach out and let me know your thoughts! 
Have students keep these books in their book boxes at school or send them home and encourage students to read the story to their parents!
I hope your students love this emergent reader as they learn and grow in God's word!
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Learn about the parable of The Lost Coin with this Bible faith based emergent reader. Created with preschool, Kindergarten, and First grade in mind, it is packed with sight words and simple sentences so kids can learn about the Bible on their own level! This reader is a perfect addition to go with the other activities and crafts you have planned for your lesson on Jesus.

Thanks for letting me share these activities with you! I hope your littles love and enjoy them. I also hope they make your teacher life & prep just a tad bit easier!

-Til next time

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