Book Nook Girl Read Alouds For Kids By a Kid

What's better than a kid reading to other kids?! 
I've discovered that in almost all circumstances, 100% of my students were instantly engaged when I either showed them a video of another kid reading or had a special kid visitor come to my classroom and read to them. There's something magical about it. Students like to see other kids in action. 
That's why I like the Book Nook Girl's YouTube channel
She offers a variety of books that kids can watch and even interact with...yes, I said interact, lol. I can't tell you how many times my students have conversed back with the video they are watching. 

She has many videos, but I am only going to highlight a few...

1.) 10 Little Pirates - A Counting Book
I love that at the end of the story, she practices counting both forward and backward with her audience!

2.) Elephant & Piggie - I Love My New Toy
The Book Nook Girl demonstrates great expression when reading from one of our favorite series from Mo Willems!

Do you stop eating your favorite food when you encounter a mushy banana? LOVE this story...a great reminder to always try things more than once before walking away!

NO DAVID! This one is great for back-to-school. Let the Book Nook Girl read to your students while you set up the next activity for your classroom!

Another great back-to-school read aloud. Have you students chant the story with Book Nook Girl as she reads!

Make sure to become a subscriber so that you get notifications of new read alouds. She's been posting a new one every few days!

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