Valentines Day High Frequency Words BINGO

Everyone loves playing BINGO! There's nothing more thrilling than placing that final chip on your card and yelling "BINGO!" I'd have to say that BINGO and Heads Up Seven Up where my absolute favorite games to play when I was in elementary school. We mostly played BINGO in music's how I learned the names of various music symbols! If we won, we got a Jolly Rancher-woot-woot!

This Valentine's Day themed BINGO includes 30 different game cards, each with its own Valentine's Day themed picture at the top. The heart picture in the middle serves as a FREE spot.

The 42 oversized calling cards make it easy for students to read as you call each word. Reinforcing sight words even more!

These are the words included:

How did I choose which words would go with this game?
Well, I wanted it to be something that students who struggle with HFWs could still have a lot of fun with. So I decided to use the beginning & middle of the Kindergarten Fry list words. If you have students who are advanced with their sight words, give them a pieces of paper and let them use the word in a short sentence in between calls. Or have them write a word that rhymes with it. But most importantly, HAVE FUN when playing this game! It's not intended to frustrate anyone!

Get this game HERE.

Have fun, & Happy Valentine's Day!

~Til next time

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