We're Looking to Adopt in Illinois Help Us Spread the Word

Hey friends! It is with jittery nerves of excitement that we share with you that we've begun the process that will grow our family through adoption! 
We have decided not to go through an agency and are instead working with an adoption lawyer to find an Illinois infant/baby that is in need of a family & home. What can you do to help? First, PRAY for us through this journey. We firmly believe that God has placed this on our hearts & are excited to see who He brings into our lives. Second, JOIN our adoption Facebook page {http://bit.ly/1ROnpSJ} and click 'follow' so that you will receive the updates in your newsfeed (Please invite/add people to our pages as well...the more the better). And finally, help us spread the word & SHARE, SHARE, SHARE our adoption page frequently. With your help, we know that our adoption page and/or profile books will reach the Illinois birthmother that was meant to be matched with our family. Check it out: http://bit.ly/1ROnpSJ

Our adoption shirts are ready to purchase! We absolutely LOVE them and hope you do too!  Modfund​ has put together a perfect design for our campaign. Their shirts are super soft & comfy (I've ordered from them before) and 50% of every purchase goes directly to our Baby Castle adoption fund! To order, go to: http://www.modfund.com/product/castleadoption/

(I won't be posting constant updates here on this page, so if you're wanting to keep in the loop on what's happening, make sure you join our adoption FB page! )

Thanks for helping us spread the word! 

-Til next time

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