Get to know me:

My favorite resources to use with students are the emergent readers in my Fairy Tale Readers Bundle​Each of the 16 Fairy Tale books included are at a level that's more appropriate for early readers than most Fairy Tale books. They are full of high frequency words and leave the students feeling successful and excited that they are reading their very own Fairy Tale! Taking them home to read to parents is always something they look forward to. 

design and create teaching resources for classrooms, and most importantly, testing them out once they are completed! We are also in the process of trying to adopt. You can read more about that on our Finding Piggies FB page

The moments I love most about being a teacher are when the kids are so engaged in a story or topic that you are teaching, that they are absolutely silent - all eyes and ears glued to you! I love captivating their attention and guiding them as they soak up all there is to learn in this world. ​​

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What I'm All About:


Kids learn best when they are having fun - an important component of education that is often overlooked. My classroom activities are designed to help you tap into your students' sense of fun, creating a more playful, learning-rich environment.  

The materials you use in the classroom reflect on you as a teacher.  Just like students, you are continually expanding your growth in the  profession. With The Barefoot Teacher, you can always expect my absolute best. I am here to serve you and the needs of your students as we all continue growing together. 


The products you'll find here are made with busy teachers in mind. I know that every minute of your time counts. My downloads are ready to print and have been created to help give you more time to connect with your students, family, and friends. Take weekends back so that you can kick off your shoes, give those toes the pampering they need, and reconnect with the world around you!


"It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together." When you love what you are doing, you are more effective in positively influencing those around you. Creating resources for classrooms around the world is my passion. I love what I do and am eager to help you influence the littles in your life. 

Hello! I'm Becky Castle, The Barefoot Teacher! Why barefoot? Because there is nothing I love more than kicking off my shoes and getting comfortable, especially when I'm in the classroom working with kids!  

I am dedicated to creating quality, resourceful, and fun elementary teaching materials for early elementary classrooms. I then run them by elementary aged critics-my children! 

My husband (also a teacher) and I have four super-charged, energetic kiddos between the ages of 2 and 6. We call them our tornadoes! They love helping me