Happy Chinese New Year

So...I have a confession to make.
I might just happen to be a Panda Express junkie. Ok, so I really am. In fact, my brother this year, knowing how much I love orange chicken, gave me a Panda Express gift card that was disguised in a cute little Chinese food box full of fortune cookies! I wish I had taken a picture of it! 

Anyway, Chinese New Years is right around the corner. And 2016 is the year of (one of my favorite animals) the monkey. So between orange chicken and monkeys...that surely must mean this year is going to be great...right?! 

Today I have a Chinese New Years Activity Pack to share with you. It's full of many different activities to choose from!
From emergent readers to a variety of craftivities...
...rhyming, beginning, vowel, and ending sounds...
...mazes, posters & pocket chart pieces...
...labeling worksheets, ABC order and counting by 2s...
...Write the Room, Flip Book, & Graphic Organizer
SO much is included! 

And now...I leave you with a virtual fortune cookie! 

Wishing you tons of luck this year 
(and orange chicken too)!
-Til next time

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