8 Things to do with your Kids this Summer

Summer break is (almost) here.
I, however, still have 4 more school days.

My kids are already done. So is my teacher husband. 
So I've had a lot of self-pity these last few days!

The biggest question I have every summer is...

What am I going to do with my kids?!

I have four of them. Ages 1, 3, 4, and 5.

And yes, I know the correct answer is "spend time with them." 
We do have a lot of fun vacations planned this year.

But if I am not careful, we'll be at each other's throats in no time.

So as I was thinking up my summer not-on-vacation activity wish list, 
I thought I'd share my top eight.

You might find something here to add to your list as well. 

Every summer we renew our Brookfield Zoo membership.

Last year they had the giant bug exhibit. 

I hear the dinosaurs are coming back this summer. 
Hopefully the kids won't be freaked out like they 
were a few summers ago!

We spend a few days a week there. I love it because the kids 
never bore of the animals. It's big enough that we 
can switch up what animals we see each time. 

They love the giraffes the best. 
Ever since they saw one drinking another's...
well, never mind! The reason is not that important! 

They like to fight over the map too. We've learned to just ask for 
four maps rather than have them take turns...that didn't really work!

Plus, if it's rainy, we can go into the Hamill Play Zoo 
and spend the day in there where there are a lot of crafts, 
exploration activities, petting and holding animals, and more!

I've been meaning to try this awesome activity for awhile now!

You freeze a bunch of toys and gadgets in a pan or bucket overnight. 
The next morning, the kids have to use a variety of 
techniques and substances (salt, sand, warm water, sugar) to try 
and melt the ice to get to the toys.

Click to see the Counting Coconuts blog where I first saw this idea!

My kids love playing with the Crayola bath crayons. So I bet they 
would LOVE making these vivid, fun shaped bath crayons too.

All you need is glycerin soap, food coloring, and 
something like a fun shaped ice cube tray.

Find the homemade bath crayon recipe here.

Look how easy this is!

Some flour and stiff paper are all you need. 
You can make any shape, letters, or pictures that you want.

My kids love Sprite. This magic potion mixes clear 
Sprite with various colors of frozen Kool-Aid ice cubes. 
Watch them mix and observe what happens!

Around the Fourth of July, my kids go Glow-Stick crazy
We love buying them at the store, Michaels. 
You can get 10 or more for only $1.

Now, we happen to have a small cotton-candy machine at our house, 
but I was thinking, even buying the small bags of cotton candy 
at the store would work just fine I bet.

This verdant cottage sprouts up from four kitchen sponges 
and a handful of grass seed, with no glue required!
Find the directions for how to make this here.

A Shark Attack Party Snack is the perfect platter 
for a summer celebration. Blue jello and Swedish Fish complete this hilarious, 
but healthy idea for fun food crafts and party food platters.

Click here to find out more details.

Now....to get my pencil and get going on these activities 
so I can check them off my list!

Hope you found something fun that inspires you for this summer. 
I'd love to hear any fun ideas you have on your list. 
Just leave them in the comments below!

Til next time~
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