Confessions of a Tired Working Mom

Please note: This post is titled 'Confessions of a Tired, Working Mom'...
not a "tired of working mom". 

Big difference! 

I have come to appreciate what my career does for my relationship
with my kids and husband. 
I enjoy being a working mother (as tiring as it may be). If it weren't for the great hours that come along with being a teacher, I would probably  be a stay-at-home mom (something that would be quite a challenge for me as I tend to lack the homemaking skills many stay-at-home moms have). 

Thankfully, I have a job that allows me to spend more time with my family
than most other jobs do.
 I get the entire summer off, holiday breaks, all weekends, I come home at a decent time and don't have to go in as early as some do. I have found over the years that being at work
allows me to appreciate my family in more ways than I ever could as a stay-at-home mom. 

When I come home, though it may be chaotic 
(with kids screaming, and milk spilling. in. slow. motion. onto a freshly mopped floor; 
with toy army men attacking my heels as I walk across the floor like a clown on a tightrope to avoid the awakening of their comrades, and clean clothes being tossed into the duck hamper
 just because it's easier to throw them there than refold them), 
I can't help but think at the end of the night how happy and blessed I am
to have such a great life 
and such an amazing family. 

Not everyone does, you know. Somehow, I got lucky.  And for that, I am so thankful.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a mom of FOUR (ages 1, 3, 4, & 5) by the age of 30. I've accomplished so much at the YOUNG age of 30
(wouldn't have called that "young" ten years ago!)
that I can't help but sometimes think where did my life go?!
I guess what I am saying is that I often
look at all the things that have kept me so busy throughout the last ten years and 
wonder how it is that I am only approaching my 30s and not 40s!  

They say that you always feel younger in your mind than your actual age...
could it be that in reality I feel

... OLDER ...

than my actual age? I mean, I can't help but chuckle as I catch myself doing things that I never imagined I'd do just to keep a thread of sanity. Maybe you'll find you've indulged in these
guilty little pleasures too...
which leads me to my first confession. 

Confession #1: Sometimes I pretend I can't hear my children screaming for me
while I'm vacuuming. 

Yes, it's a simple confession-I have to start out easy you know. (Save the juicier confessions for later down the road!) But it's true. When, for once, I just want to finish a household chore
without being interrupted,
I choose the vacuum. So long as you don't make eye-contact, for all they know, 
you have no clue what's going on two feet away as they scream their newest demands. 

So go ahead moms, vacuum away! 
Without the guilt and maybe even with a little smile tucked away.

 They'll never know you can actually hear them and it will give you a few more minutes of sanity 
until they're all tucked away in bed for the night.

From a tired, working, mom! 

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